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Construction Accidents

Riverside & San Bernardino Construction Accidents

Construction accidents in Inland Empire generally speaking are either accidents happening to construction workers while employed on a construction work site or are accidents involving non employees near or at the work site. If an employee working at a construction site gets injured, his employer generally has him covered with his company' s insurance plans. In addition, workers at construction sites are also covered by government health insurance policies that are paid by the employer directly to the government agency like Workman's Comp.

If an employer is not paying into a Workman's Compensation plan, and one of his employees gets injured that employee might have no other recourse than to sue his employer. Generally speaking, Inland Empire construction accidents don't usually charge negligence on the part of the employee. The employee can get covered for his injuries. If his negligence involved not using safety equipment provided by his employer, he can still get insurance coverage for his injuries if represented by an attorney. There are many reasons for construction site accidents that sometimes need an attorney to determine. There are also many avenues from which a victim of a construction accident can get compensation for his injuries. Only an attorney is trained in finding and getting compensation from those avenues.

Another type of possible construction accident involves people who get injured because of the negligence of workers at construction sites in Inland Empire. Like any other type of accident, getting compensated for incurring injuries due to the fault of someone or of some entity like a business depends on getting good legal counsel. Getting injured through no fault of your own is a personal injury claim and construction sites are or should be fully covered by insurance to offer compensation in case of injuries.

Even if the construction site manager claims that you should have assessed the risk of being near or on their construction site, your injuries if caused on their construction site due to their negligence while you are going about your normal daily activities are covered by their insurance or should be. A lawyer experienced in construction accidents is usually the best source of advice to determine if you have a claim or not.

There are many other types of construction accidents that might not involve any personal injury to a person. If equipment or cars are damaged due to the activities on the construction site, those damages are covered by the insurance carriers of the construction company involved in causing those damages. Other damages to personal property, buildings, houses as well as cars are covered by construction contractors insurance in case of damage or harm to those personal properties.

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