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Workers' Comp Accident

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An Injury or illness that occurs as a result of an accident or an exposure to elements at work is labeled as an on-the-injury. An on the job injury can range in degrees from the very simple to the more serious accidents and may include:

- An item falling on an employees foot
- Cutting the edge your finger

Cumulative trauma such as:

1. With carpal tunnel syndrome
2. Occupational illness or disease
3. Asbestos due to asbestos product exposure
4. An accident or injury on the job that aggravates an existing condition or injury
In California, and individual may even be entitled to compensation for an accident that does not occur at work such as when an injury occurs to and from work, in the company parking lot, a stroke or heart attack due to work stress, even when the stroke or heart attack occurs at home.

What is Compensation?

When an employee is injured on the job as a result of stress or physical injury, they usually fill out a form at work that begins a worker’s compensation claim. This completed form is then sent to the insurance company of the employer who pays the injured employees’ time off from work and medical costs. This money is paid instead of the wages the employee would have earned on the job.

Which Employee is required to have Workers Compensation?

According to the California’s Workers Compensation site, the law in California requires an employer to have worker’s compensation insurance if they have at least one employee. It is a criminal offense if an employer does not have this coverage for an employee. According to the California Labor code, section 3700.5, this offense is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail, a fine in the sum of $ 10,000, or both.

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