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Wrongful Death Claim

Riverside & San Bernardino Wrongful Death Claim Attorney

When a person dies because of acts of negligence or carelessness on the part of another person, it is called "wrongful death." Wrongful death also happens when another person performs an intentional or reckless act that results in the death of an individual. If you have experienced the trauma of a wrongful death happening to someone close to you, then it is recommended that you turn to a well established law firm that has an outstanding reputation of handling cases of wrongful death.

Statistics Show

One of the leading causes of death in the United States is attributed to accidents. The National Safety Council stated that about every five minutes a fatal injury occurs. Examples of some of these accidents may include car accidents, poisonings, falls, choking, smoke, and fire.

Who Can File Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death laws have been enacted with the intention of being able to compensate family members who will suffer economic and non-economic hardships due to the loss of life. Under the state of California's law, only certain individuals are able to file a wrongful death claim. Individuals with the following relationships to the victim may file a claim: the surviving spouse, the victims children, dependent stepchildren, and dependent parents.

If there are no individuals with these relationships than individuals who, under the law of intestate succession, would be entitled to the victim's estate may file a claim. These individuals would include the victims parents, siblings, grandparents, and children of a deceased spouse.

If there are no individuals with this relationship, then the next of kin may file a wrongful death claim.

San Bernardino & Riverside Wrongful Death Lawyers

If you have experienced a wrongful death in your family and you want to file a claim, then you should contact a skilled lawyer from a well experienced law firm. It takes a lot of experience and skill in order to be successful with the wrongful death claim. The lawyer will have many responsibilities in order to have a successful case, some of these responsibilities include:

  • Deciding if the wrongful death case should be in the name of the individual heirs or if an estate should be created.
  • Establishing what the life expectancy of the victim should have been. This is done by looking at factors such as the victims health, age, occupation, lifestyle, and activities.
  • Establishing the amount that the heir suffers in lost financial support because of the death of the victim. This is done by using the victims employment history, past wages, and the wages that would have been earned in the future.
  • Determining an amount of money that may compensate for the loss of companionship, society, and comfort. When facing this issue, it is very important to have an experienced and skilled lawyer to convince the jury of an amount. This is because no formula or expert testimony can be used because it is a non-economic issue.
  • Lastly, the lawyer must prove and explain how and why it is a wrongful death. This also takes great talent and most times the use of numerous experts.


When Should I Contact a San Bernardino & Riverside Wrongful Death Attorney?

Wrongful death claims have strict statue of limitations in which claims are allowed to be filed. Time is important for another reason. In order for a competent wrongful death attorney to perform an effective investigation, evidence must be preserved, responsible parties must be identified, and records must be reviewed. We will hire investigators, conduct interviews, and consult with experts. Time is not on your side because witnesses, records, and evidence disappear over time.

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